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Taxation without Representation?

America's Founding Fathers rallied around the cry, "No taxation without representation."

But today we have massive taxation, and representation is only for those who oppose the values of America's Founders.

Taxes today are 20-30 times greater than the taxes Americans complained about in 1776. See the numbers here.

We have no more representation than the colonists did in 1776.

More than 80% of Americans opposed the Bush "Bailout" of reckless Wall Street firms, but after the House of "Representatives" voted against the bailout, it was as though they were taken out to the woodshed and told to "go back in there and vote again, and this time get it right." They voted it through.

A majority opposes "Obamacare," but it cannot be undone.

Washington D.C. is the arm of "special interests" whose interests are not the interests of the majority of Americans. These tiny minorities of corporations and avant-garde freak shows have the money to lobby because they stand to get millions or billions of dollars in handouts, or get their anti-social agenda imposed on society. You and I stand to lose only pennies per bailout, so it's not worth it for us to try to oppose any given handout. But thousands of bailouts, subsidies, and regulations add up to a crippling burden on each of us, while the special interests make off like bandits.

I would rather have no taxation and no representation -- and no bailouts for special interests. That even beats taxation with representation.