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Let me give you a taste of our year-long program. Enroll in a 95-day "Orientation Program," with an option to upgrade to the full year-long coaching program. During that 95-day program we'll read the entire Bible from cover to cover, and you'll get a sales pitch for the full one-year program.

Here's what you'll get in a sequence of emails for the next 95 days.

Why 95?

Because we'll also be reading Martin Luther's 95 Theses. One each day. Not because they are infallible (in fact, we disagree with "Justification by Mere Belief"), but because they were a landmark in the history of western civilization, and because of the historical association of the Bible, the Protestant Reformation, and public schools in America. We'll read one a day.

We'll also read one of Vine & Fig Tree's presumptuous "95 Theses Against the Atheistic State."

Most importantly we'll read the Bible in chronological order, in 95 days. We'll be spoon-feeding you our radical agenda, which we'll spell out below.


Yes, we have an agenda.

Nearly every Bible teacher these days claims to just get his message "straight from the Bible."
"No Creed but Christ."
"Expository preaching."


Everybody has an agenda. Every Bible teacher brings his presuppositions to the pulpit.

I'm going to lay my agenda out on the table over the next 95 days.

In fact, I'm going to lay the whole thing out on this website. I hope it will sell you on the year-long program. At least get the "Reader's Digest" version over the next 95 days.

Everything you need to get started is on this website. Jump in. Get started.

But if you want to succeed and become extraordinary, experience shows you need more than just a curriculum. You need a coach to hold you accountable and a community to support you.

In addition, spreading the program out over 365 days allows each lesson to "percolate" in your heart, mind and soul.

When you enroll you'll receive an email every day with a link to the day's assignment. Download an audio version of the readings and listen as you commute to work.